MSCOD brochures

MSCOD: Your Policy, Training and Technical Resource

As a small state agency, we are a policy, training and technical resource that was created to advise the governor, state agencies, state legislature, and the public on disability policy. We advocate for programs and policies that advance the rights of Minnesotans with disabilities.

MSCOD Brochure (PDF)

Responding to Disability

Increasingly we find ourselves in situations involving people who have disabilities and we need to make quick decisions on how to respond.This booklet is designed to stimulate thinking and dialogue. It is not intended to test your knowledge of disability or your attitudes toward people with disabilities.

Responding to Disability: A Question of Attitude (PDF)

Disability Parking in Minnesota

A guide for using disability parking certificates and disability license plates in Minnesota.

Disability Parking Brochure (PDF)

Emergency Preparedness

Many people with disabilities believe that in an emergency situation they will play little, if any, role in their own survival. The truth is you must be prepared to help yourself. These guides will help.

Emergency Preparedness Consumer Guide (PDF)

Emergency Preparedness Workplace Toolkit (PDF)

An Ounce of Prevention (PDF)

Emergency Preparedness Employee Brochure (PDF)

Emergency Preparedness Guide for Executives Brochure (PDF)

THE BLUE BOOK: Building Access Survey

MSCOD Building Access Survey (WORD)
Determine if your site is ADA compliant and therefore truly accessible to people with disabilities.

Building Access Short Survey (Word)
The Building Access Short Survey identifies the most common areas of a public accommodation that might require readily achievable barrier removal. Please consult the full Building Access Survey on this website for access information not covered by the Short Survey.

The Inclusive Workplace

Employers’ guide to reasonable accommodations and using assistive technologies for employers with disabilities.

Assistive Technologies Resource Guide (PDF)

Understanding your Rights and Responsibilities

Federal and State disability laws as well as a list of resources for almost every disability-related issue. Also includes a handy and informative “Responding to Disability: A Questions of Attitude” quiz.

Understanding Your Rights (PDF)

Americans With Disabilities Act

Ensuring people with disabilities the right to enter the economic and social mainstream of American life.

Americans With Disabilities Act (PDF)